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Dispensing Medicines

Dispensing Medicines


The supply of medicines and appliances ordered on NHS prescriptions, together with information and advice, to enable safe and effective use by patients and carers, and maintenance of appropriate records.

What our pharmacy hope to achieve

To ensure our patients receive ordered medicines and appliances safely by:

  • our pharmacy performing appropriate legal, clinical and accuracy checks;
  • our pharmacy having safe systems of operation, in line with clinical governance requirements;
  • our pharmacy having systems in place to guarantee the integrity of products supplied;
  • our pharmacy maintaining a record of all medicines and appliances supplied which can be used to assist future patient care;
  • our pharmacy maintaining a record of advice given, and interventions and referrals made, where the pharmacist judges it to be clinically appropriate.

To ensure our patients are able to use their medicines and appliances effectively by:

  • our pharmacy staff providing information and advice to the patient on the safe use of their medicine or appliance;
  • our pharmacy staff providing when appropriate broader advice to the patient on the medicine, for example its possible side effects and significant interactions with other substances.

Our Dispensing Medicines service outlined

  • Orders for NHS medicines and appliances are dispensed by our pharmacy for patients on demand, with reasonable promptness.
  • Records of all supplies will be maintained to facilitate continued care of our patient.
  • Appropriate advice is given to the patient by our pharmacy to enable them to utilise the medication or appliance and to meet their personal need for general information on the item.
  • Our patients are advised on the safe storage and keeping of medicines and of the recommendation that unwanted medicines should be returned to the pharmacy for safe destruction.
  • Where deemed clinically appropriate by our pharmacist records will be made of advice given and interventions and referrals made.
  • Our patients are provided with a written note for any medicine which is owed, and they are informed when the medicine is expected to be available. A record of items owed is made in the patient's medication record.
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