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Public Health

Public Health


The provision of opportunistic healthy lifestyle advice and public health advice to patients receiving prescriptions who appear to:

  • have diabetes; or
  • be at risk of coronary heart disease, especially those with high blood pressure; or
  • who smoke; or
  • are overweight, and pro-active participation in national/local campaigns, to promote public health messages to general pharmacy visitors during specific targeted campaign periods.

What our pharmacy hope to achieve

  • To increase patient and public knowledge and understanding of key healthy lifestyle and public health messages so they are empowered to take actions which will improve their health.
  • To target the ‘hard to reach’ sectors of the population who are not frequently exposed to health promotion activities in other parts of the health or social care sector.

Our Public Health (Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles) service outlined

Prescription Linked Intervention

  • Our pharmacists and our staff will give opportunistic advice, as appropriate, on specified healthy living/public health topics to people presenting prescriptions with diabetes, those at risk of coronary heart disease, especially patients with high blood pressure, those who smoke and those who are overweight.
  • The advice will be given verbally, but may be backed up by the provision of written information, e.g. leaflets, and a referral to another source of advice or assistance.
  • A record of the advice given will be made on the patient’s pharmacy record. This record will facilitate service audit and also future follow up with the patient.
  • Our company have systems in place to ensure that appropriate advice is given to patients.

Campaign based service

  • Our pharmacists and our staff will pro-actively take part in and contribute to national/local campaigns for patients and general visitors to our online store during the campaign period, including giving advice to people on the campaign issues. This advice may be supplemented by provision of written information and online marketing.
  • Our pharmacy will provide this service to its PCO for up to 6 campaigns per year. Our pharmacy will record the number of people who receive advice if requested to do so by the PCO.
  • The PCO will determine the topics of the campaigns and will provide any appropriate support, e.g. briefing packs and patient literature to support campaign messages.
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