Support for Self-Care

Support for Self-Care

What is Support for Self-Care?

The provision of advice and support by pharmacy staff to enable people to derive maximum benefit from caring for themselves or their families.

What our pharmacy hope to achieve

  • To enhance access and choice for people who wish to care for themselves or their families.
  • People, including carers, are provided with appropriate advice to help them self manage a self-limiting or long-term condition, including advice on the selection and use of any appropriate medicines.
  • People, including carers, are opportunistically provided with health promotion advice when appropriate, in line with the advice provided in our essential services – service.
  • People, including carers, are better able to care for themselves or manage a condition both immediately and in the future, by being more knowledgeable about the treatment options they have, including nonpharmacological ones.
  • To minimise inappropriate use of health and social care services.

Our Support for Self-Care service outlined

  • Our pharmacy staff will provide advice to people, including carers, requesting help with the treatment of minor illness and long-term conditions, including general information and advice on how to manage illness.
  • Our pharmacy staff will advise on the appropriate use of the wide range of non-prescription medicines which can be used in the self-care of minor illness and long-term conditions.
  • Our pharmacy staff will make healthy lifestyle interventions opportunistically when appropriate, in a similar manner to that provided in essential services – Promotion of healthy lifestyles service.
  • Our pharmacy staff will receive self-care referrals from NHS 111 service and other health care professionals.
  • Our pharmacy staff will signpost patients to other health and social care providers, when appropriate (in line with the service provided in – Signposting).
  • For patients known to our pharmacy staff, records of advice given, products purchased or referrals made will be made on a patient’s pharmacy record when our pharmacist deems it to be of clinical significance.
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