Weight loss pills

Weight loss pills


Losing weight can be a constant battle for some people. Our weight loss pills can help.

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Orlistat is a weight reduction pill. The medicine usually forms part of a motivational weight loss programme, including diet and exercise. When taken alongside a meal, it works by altering the way the body processes consumed fats.

Three-a-day capsule
Taken with a meal
Effective generic medicine
In the UK, it is estimated that obesity affects approximately a quarter of the adult population. The condition is one of the leading causes of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer; but it can also have a detrimental effect on quality of life. And the longer someone is obese, the more at risk they are of developing a secondary illness.

Determining whether or not someone is overweight or obese is calculated using the body mass index (or BMI), which is a formula doctors use to diagnose the condition. To measure a person’s BMI, you first take their weight in kilograms, then divide this by their height in metres, then divide the resultant figure again by their height in metres. If the figure is between 20 and 25, then they are categorised as being at their ideal weight. Where the number falls amid 25 and 30, they are said to be overweight. 30 and above indicates obesity.

Seeking help is important for those are obese or overweight, and are struggling to lose weight on their own. There are a number of ways a doctor can help to get someone on the right path to a healthy weight. Often, a support programme including a specific diet and exercise regime will be recommended, and in some cases, this may be accompanied by a weight loss capsule such as Orlistat.

How does Orlistat work?

The way the medicine works is fairly straightforward. In the stomach and the small intestines, certain enzymes called lipases extract fat from the food we eat, and help the body to store it as energy. Orlistat inhibits this process. By preventing these enzymes from carrying out their task, the medication stops fats from being soaked up by the body, and causes them to be expelled through faeces.

Can I buy Orlistat?

Yes, but when you buy generic medicine following a consultation with our pharmacists.

As it is a prescription-only medicine in the UK, our pharmacists will ask some questions and carry out a few measurements to make sure this is the right product for you.


Take Orlistat as prescribed by our pharmacist. Ensure you read the instructions fully prior to use, as these will help you to maximise the efficiency of the medicine and reduce the risk of possible side effects.

Follow the directions issued by your prescriber.
A typical dose is one tablet, taken with a meal, up to three times per day.
Swallow capsules whole with water.
This treatment can be used right before a meal, during a meal or up to one hour afterwards.
Try to avoid eating fatty snacks in between meals.
Orlistat only works when taken alongside a meal. If you skip a meal you do not need to take it.
Never exceed the prescribed amount.
If you miss a dose, do not make up for it by doubling up on your next one. Simply continue to take the course as normal.
These instructions are provided only a guide. You should read the directions provided in the patient information leaflet before taking this medication.


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