Minor Ailment Scheme

The minor ailment scheme is an nhs service that allows the pharmacy to supply advice and

Flu Jabs

Protect yourself and your loved ones this winter season against flu with our private

Medicine Use Review

Medicine use review (mur) is an nhs service that is available free of charge to patients

New Medicine Service

The new medicine service (nms) is a free nhs service that provides support for

Disposal Of Unwanted Medicines

If you have unused/expired prescription medicines or medicines that you bought

Repeat Dispensing

Repeat dispensing allows prescribers to issue a batch of prescription for a medication

Supervised Consumption

Supervised consumption is an nhs service that is used in certain conditions to ensure

Stop Smoking

If you have decided to quit smoking and looking for someone to help you on this journey

Weight Loss Service

Being overweight puts you at risk of a number of health problems and can also affect